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The number 1 Control Tower for Global Supply Chain Management


Evertracker’s Control Tower brings Global Supply Chain Management to the next level

International companies use our Control Tower for Global Supply Chains to get preceise ETAs and deviation detection. Our customers can plan plan processes more preceisely and reliably.

They also can lay back and relax when waiting for parts. Evertracker’s Control Tower informs our customers in case of problems to avoid downtimes or high extra costs.

Next level Global Supply Chain Management

Global Supply Chain Management - Reach the next level with Evertracker's Control Tower

Evertracker’s Control Tower for Global Supply Chains.

Covid-19 has shown the importance of resilient Supply Chains

What we learned during the pandemic

We need secure supply chains. The Corona virus has highlighted the complexity in global supply chains and need for adoption of technology for insights and better collaboration. Evertracker’s smart and neutral platform Evertracker Control Tower can be the digital basis for this.

3 reasons for Evertracker

1. With Evertracker Control Tower, supply chains can be visible in real time.

2. With Evertracker Control Tower, future events in the supply chain can be predicted, such as ETAs.

3. With Evertracker Control Tower, supply chain managers can react to unforeseen events proactively.

Evertracker’s business model has therefore been very popular in recent months during the pandemic. Supply chains have to be transparent and predictable to be safe. In addition, supply chains can also become sustainable if they are transparent and predictable. Transparent, predictable and sustainable supply chains are the future of the supply chain.

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