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Neutral Data is the best way to share data across Global Supply Chains


Next Generation Global Supply Chain Management: Neutral Data

Neutral Data enables partners to share data without regrets

Neutral Data is non-critical data that doesn’t disclose business relevant processes or, even more important, personal data. Thus the data only contains information about the transported goods and items.

This could be order quantities, current locations or statuses, or planned time slots. The less critical information the data contains the more likely partners will be willing to share data.

3 important things to achieve best results with neutral data

Neutral Platform

One of the most important factors to reach neutral data sharing relies in a neutral middle man. At best a neutral platform that is involved neither in the transportation or production processes. It should solely function as a data aggregator.

Relevant Information

The data that is shared among different parties across supply chains, should focus only on the relevance of importance. Retailers’, producers’ or manufacturers’ only interests are the current location and the expected time of arrival of their itmes.

Smart Algorithms

Very important is the underlying technology that manages the data and creates results. Smart algorithms, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence are capable of leveraging from data sources with limited information levels.

Evertracker relies on Data Neutrality

Neutral Data is the secret for a Global Supply Chain Planning

Neutral Platform

Evertracker makes sure that it stays neutral. It’s used by both ends, the logistics service providers as well as manufacturers, producers and retailers. Evertracker solely aggregates and facilitates data without interfering with processes.

Relevant Information

Evertracker focuses on relevant information to provide predictive analytics and deviation detection for an optimal supply chain management. The platform can create relevant outputs with limited information input. Thus it brings value to all parties.

Smart Algorithms

Evertracker has developed smart and self-learning algorithms, which is the basis for the unique results. The team has focused for more than 5 years on developing the best in class solution to provide answers to optimise planning.

Evertracker’s achievement
on Data Neutrality

The Smartest and most Neutral Control Tower
for Item-Level Predictability along Global Supply Chains.

Evertracker’s NEUTRAL AND SMART CONTROL TOWER FOR GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS, enables our customers to get end-to-end visibility and predictability on an itme level. However, it allows all parties and partners to share and exchange data – without sharing critical or business sensitve information. Get full transparency and predictability along your global supply chain without complex integration – we collaborate with your partners.

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