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The Smartest Control Tower for your Global Supply Chain Management


A single access to your Global Supply Chain

Multinational OEM’s already trust in our Control Tower for Global Supply Chains to optimise their production planning. Evertracker’s Control Tower for Global Supply Chains gives them a single access to their Global Supply Chain. However, it not only provides an overview over their shipments, it provides detailed information about specific items and parts. Evertracker’s Control Tower provides transparency and smart analytics on an item-level. Our customers get therefore an instant overview in a single interface over all flowing parts and items.

Control Tower:
Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is one of the key functionalities of our Control Tower. It provides precise information about arrival times. We have developed algorithms that learn and understand processes, which then can predict precise arrival times at the final destination.

Control Tower:
Deviation Detection

Deviation detection is another important feature to optimise production processes. With the help of an early warning system, our international manufacturers are enabled to react faster on incidents. They can take imediate decisions to avoid running dry.

Benefits of Evertracker’s Control Tower

If Control Towers provide predictive analytics, deviation detection througout Global Supply, manufacturers and producers can reduce downtimes, decrease costs and free working capital. End-to-end item-level visibility enables them to precisely plan and optimise processes. It makes Global Supply Chains more robust, flexible and resilient. It will also make them more sustainable.

Evertracker’s Control Tower
for Global Supply Chain Management

Evertracker Control Tower for Global Supply Chain Management - Predicitve Analytics, Deviation Detection and Smart Reporting

Your entire logistics on one single platform. End-to-End Item-Level Predictablity.

Predictive analytics

Our unique sets of algorithms learn und understand your supply chain to enable our users to understand what will happen

Real-time information

Our platform provides your with real-time information and active notifications of statuses of your shipments to take faster decisions

Single access point

We aggregate all data providers in a single interface and connect the strings along your supply chain, which gives you end to end visibility


Digital information enable you to transfer manual processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs and optimise your operation.


Get proactive notifications about delays and process deviation to react early on incidents


See your shipments on a map to better understand where they are and when they will arrive


Get an overview of arrival times of your shipments by day, week or month for an optimal planning


Use our smart reporting to optimize your supply chain and automate processes like invoice verification

We help you

the Yesterday

Our algorithms enable you to get digital proofs and signatures along your global logistics and supply chain. You can use our platform e.g. for invoice verification or automate proof of deliveries.

the Today

Our platform constantly monitors and learns processes. It shows you and alerts you about deviations in real-time. You can use it in your daily operation to immediatly respond to issues, such delays.

the Future

The unique set of algorithms, the foundation of our platform, constantly analyses the inflowing data and compares it to historical events. In this way, you receive predicitions on what’s next.

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