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4 Supply Chain Challenges that hold you back from an optimal efficiency.


Supply Chain Challenges lead to high costs, downtimes and tied working capital

The 4 Supply Chain Challenges


Multi-party logistics

Lack of transparency and lack of data exchange doesn’t allow full control over processes.

Lack of timely data

Limited possibilities to react on incidents to avoid delays and down times.

Multiple access points

Too many access points to gain full insights over all
shipments and processes.

Manual processes

High costs and many errors occur due to manual tasks and process handling.

Supply Chain Challenges are the death
of production efficiencies


Producers and Manufacturers spend most of the budget for operative improvements to increase efficiencies and decrease costs. However, most of these companies still depend on external partners, such as logistics service providers.

These dependencies are critical for a smooth operation. When parts are missing, these companies cannot operate as usual.

Evertracker started its platform, their Control Tower, with the aim to bring end-to-end predictability into global supply chains. This will eliminate those challenges to improve efficiencies further.

Resilient Supply Chains

The current COVID-19 crisis has shown to the public that Supply chain disruptions have major impacts on producers and manufacturers. As a result of it, the German government has recently announced that it will grant funds to secure and stabilise important European supply chains. We, at Evertracker, believe requires a digital infrastructure as transparency is a key factor.

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