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Evertracker provides a free version of its Smart Control Tower for Global Supply Chains for Container Monitoring. Our Control Tower enables you to monitor all

your shipments of different carriers on a single platform. In addition, it also sends you status updates actively so that you can focus on your actual work.

Evertracker’s Control Tower
for your Global Supply Chain.

All Your Processes on a Single Platform

Multinational OEM’s already trust in our Control Tower for Global Supply Chains to optimise their production planning. Evertracker’s Control Tower for Global Supply Chains gives them a single access to their Global Supply Chain. However, it not only provides an overview over their

shipments, it provides detailed information about specific items and parts. Evertracker’s Control Tower provides transparency and smart analytics on an item-level. Our customers get therefore an instant overview in a single interface over all flowing parts and items.

International OEMs and
Global LSPs already trust us.

We know how to digitize Global Supply Chains.

Our customers us our Control Tower for Global Supply Chain to get predictive analytics and deviation detection on an item-level. They understand problems as soon as they occur and get times precise arrival

to plan and replan processes. Manufacturing and production processes become more reliable. This leads to a reduction of downtimes, decrease of of costs and frees working capital.

Container Monitoring is free of charge

Users can start using our platform for free. We provide an easy and single access point to all their global container shipments. We provide our tool to enable you to experience the easiness of having all shipments combined in a single interface. We therefore offer our basic version for free.

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All Processes on a Single Platform

Predictive and Detailed Information

Smart Analytics for Smarter Decisions

Predictive Analytics

Deviation Detection

Real-Time Information


Item-Level Visibility

Supply Chain Analytics

Active Notifications

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